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You're capable of so much more and you know it. Discover how to own your leadership potential! 

Whether on your own or a part of corporate, we can help you strengthen your leadership

What is your current role?

Working for

You have exited corporate and are working on your own to launch or grow your own business. You identify as self-employed, solo entrepreneur, business leader, etc. 

Yes, this is me!

Working for

You are a part of someone else's system. You want to improve how you show up in your role, handle leadership responsibilities, manage your team, and face challenges. 

Yes, this is me!

Achieving more doesn't mean doing more

You can have better results in your career just by shifting your mindset to that of a leader.

After spending the first 18 years of my career in corporate, focused entirely on doing more to have more, I discovered what it truly meant to work smarter not harder.

Using your greatest asset -- your brain -- we can help you achieve more without having to work harder and take on more responsibility. Learning how to effectively lead is what will set you apart.

Leadership always begins with you! 

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Stefanie Edwards

This is Leadership School is divided into two parts to better serve you.

What is your current role?

There is no right or wrong and no judgment to one type of role over the other.

We have enjoyed both pathways and are here to help you find your joy, confidence, and power in whatever pathway you are a part of currently. 


Working for Myself

Self-Employed / Solo Entrepreneur

  • Creating the business model
  • Making all the decisions
  • Responsible for multiple roles 
  • More front & center, more vulnerable
  • Income-driven by actions 
Yes, this is me!

Working for a Company

Manager / Executive Leader

  • Growing a proven business
  • Team collaboration
  • Have an assigned role
  • Represent the brand, more protection
  • More consistent income 
Yes, this is me!

Tools to help you lead

Blogs, podcasts, and more

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Sep 02, 2021

Not sure where to start? 

Becoming the leader you are capable of takes commitment and focus. Every week you'll receive valuable insights to help you develop as a leader. This is the perfect way for you to get familiar with This is Leadership School and Coach Stef.